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Alder Naturals, LLC is an established home-based hair care product line.  I began creating homemade hair formulas about seven years ago, when textured hair care products were not readily available for purchase in stores.  My hair suffered due to improper maintenance with hair products not designed for textured hair.  I experienced severely dry, brittle, split, broken, and heat damaged almost beyond repair. With regimented use of homemade hair formulas consisting of herbs, oils, and butter blends, my once damaged hair was revitalized, nourished, moisturized, and strengthened. 
Hairstyling and hair care have been an area of interest in my family preceding back at least three generations. These formulas have nursed my hair strains back to health and maintain my daughters' hair health.  Alder Naturals provide high quality hair products to protect, strengthen, moisturize, revitalize, rebuild, and nourish curly, kinky, coily, wavy, textured hair. Utilizing carefully selected natural Ayurvedic ingredients to promote the overall health of curly textured hair.  We invite you to try our products to level up your hair.

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